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What services are included in the monthly management fee and which do I pay extra for?


bulletMove tenants in, property inspection and delivery of keys
bulletTenant move-out, inspection and return of keys
bulletBe available to answer tenant maintenance calls, complaints etc.
bulletDeal with obtaining repairs from Association if they are Association responsibilities
bulletCollect and account for rent payments
bulletIssue and deliver statutory 3-day notice for late rental payments (no charge for delivery if within zip code 33139 South Beach. Other locations delivery fee $20.00)
bulletOrder repairs and coordinate access for outside suppliers such as:
bulletAppliance repairmen
bulletCarpet repair and cleaning
bulletTile installers
bulletInterface with attorney and law enforcement in eviction matters including:
bulletPrepare and deliver complete file including lease, 3-day notice and any related correspondence
bulletAppear in court if required at hearings
bulletAttend removal of tenant by sheriff (handyman and/or day laborer time for physical removal of personal property etc., is chargeable however).

Not included:

bulletUse of staff handyman for necessary repairs to apartment or appliances. We presently bill this type of work at $37.50/hour
bulletUse of handyman for extended waiting periods at property (in other words, if you ask us to be there for 4 hours waiting for a delivery, we must bill the time)
bulletPick up and delivery of appliances etc.
bulletWork performed by outside contractors and suppliers is billed at our exact cost. We do not receive any markups, kickbacks, tips or fees from any supplier including attorneys, repairmen etc.
bulletPostage for certified notices to tenant
bulletReal Estate Brokerage Services: we refer these to Buy the Beach Realty and are billed at their standard commission rates.

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