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Why do you have to replace my high-security Medeco locks on my apartment?

Because "high-security" locks, such as Medeco brand, which require an identity card and an authorized retailer in order to make a key copy are impractical in the context of rental property.

When and if the tenant locks him/herself out, we will be unable to promptly provide a replacement for the missing key. You will be paying additional labor charges for our employees' time lost in having to use only the authorized dealer for copies and, finally, if we give copies of your expensive high-security keys to rental tenants, you will no longer have any real knowledge of who may or may not have a copy when and if you decide to re-occupy the property for your own use.

We will remove all such locks, at the owners' expense, and replace them with more conventional locks for which copies can be made freely and inexpensively.

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